100% "Double Dipped" Natural Latex tubes for High Quality and High Durability. This gives you Superior Built Design, Excellent Value, Confidence and Longer Satisfaction.


Immediately Compatible for popular workout programs such as P90X, T25 and many others. Fun and Effective way to workout. Turn your home into an inexpensive home gym.


Easy Click carabiners, quickly allow tubes to adjust and stack your tubes for multiple resistance options - Offers Almost DOUBLE the Resistance Strength of similar tubes.


Build and Tone muscles, Increase Flexibility and Ideal for rehabilitation exercises to recover from injuries. Suitable for all skill levels, Beginner to Expert, Fast Results, Enjoy light or intense workouts.


Easy Storage, Travel Friendly, Take it Anywhere, Exercise When You Want, Where You Want.


Your XPS starter kit includes:

  1. Mesh carry bag x1
  2. Large foam door anchor strap x1
  3. Soft, cushioned foam handles x2
  4. Padded cushioned ankle straps x2
  5. XPS Premium Systems 100% double dipped latex 1200mm resistance tubes x5

Why XPS Premium Systems Exercise Resistance Tubes will work for you.

  • You get the All you Need Starter Kit and Basic Workout Guide included.
  • If you don’t have enough time, convenience or money to join a gym, XPS Resistance Tubes are the easy way to create an inexpensive gym at home. While also giving you the Freedom to workout almost Anywhere, Anytime, When You Want and in just minutes a day!
  • Resistance tubes are Easy to Use, Effective, Compact, Convenient and Portable. Ideal for immediate use with popular exercise programs P90X, T25, Pilates, MMA etc.
  • Take them with you; the handy carry bag makes it perfect to take to your group exercise class, personal training, gym or travel.
  • Resistance tube exercise provides you with an alternative to free weights and also a great way of expanding your existing training by adding much more variety to your workout.
  • A Fast and Easy to Get in Shape. Build and Tone muscles quickly, Increase Flexibility or use to Rehab injuries. Isolate targeted muscle groups with full range of motion.
  • Durable design for light and intense workouts.
  • Use tubes with the large, secure door anchor for an effective alternative to chin and pull ups.
  • Don't worry about not having the right resistance level or be restricted by single fixed handle tubes.
  • XPS Easy Click carabiners snap on and off tubes quickly to your handles with less interruption to your workout.
  • Stackable resistance options allows you to work all the way up to 134Lbs of resistance. More resistance equals more ways to expand your training.
  • Beginner to Expert, people of all abilities will achieve great results using XPS Resistance Tubes in your workout program.
  • XPS Resistance Tubes provide you with Satisfaction and Confidence backed by our peace of mind 90 day warranty. In that time, any part of your XPS Resistance Tubes breaks or is faulty, we will replace and send you a new part for free.

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